Mazda has the pool heat pump for you

Mazda has the pool

heat pump for you!

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Mazda is a brand founded in 1909 by General Electric.

In its early days, it embarked on the manufacture of incandescent bulbs before gradually diversifying over the course of its history by successively producing “battery” type electric accumulators and then home heating systems.

With all its years of experience in taming and harnessing energy, Mazda is now inviting itself into your gardens by developing a whole new heat pump technology for swimming pools: “Mazda Pool”.

For Mazda, one watchword: INNOVATION.

Mazda Pool: Technology, Power and Energy saving

The products manufactured by Mazda meet three fundamental pillars that have made the brand's success today:

1. Technology and innovation

2. Power and performance

3. Energy saving

While Mazda has always been the expert in performance and energy control, since its inception, the brand has also been keen to preserve the planet by offering equipment that respects the environment.

Mazda Pool preserves the planet by offering equipment that respects the environment

It is with this in mind that the “Mazda Pool” range of pool heat pumps was born.

Thanks to its innovative and patented technology, you will achieve perfect control of the energy consumption of your swimming pool heating system.

No more unnecessary energy costs, Mazda Pool heat pumps
adapt to your real needs and use only the energy necessary to guarantee you
the lowest possible impact on the environment and your electricity consumption,
while guaranteeing you performance that meets your needs

Mazda Pool heat pumps adapt to your real needs



The use of Full Inverter technology and R32 refrigerant throughout the Mazda Pool range results in low CO2 emissions, as this ecological gas has a 75% lower impact on the environment than other refrigerants .

In addition to being more environmentally friendly, R32 also provides better thermal performance.

Less impact on the environment and on your electricity bill but more efficiency and heat return, this is what the Mazda Pool range of swimming pool heat pumps offers you

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